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JCGC Ltd Team up with Morgan Hunt for Team Coaching

Here at JCGC we are always looking for proactive approaches to improve our ways of work, in order to build a successful company and happy team.

Yesterday, some of our team joined the Morgan Hunt webinar to explore new approaches for team building and ways to improve people development. Whilst face to face meetings are not desirable at this current time, it is more important than ever that teams are able to effectively communicate with one another online.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a new way of work for most companies including ours. Remote working has been the new normal for a lot of our team, meaning that some of our employees have been working more independently, relying on communication with other team members online. This can put a strain on teams and bring about new challenges.

This webinar focused on tips and advice on team coaching, and how this can help improve a company and promote an effective way of work. We certainly found this to be very insightful and informative for these current times.

Morgan Hunt

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