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JCGC Ltd Proudly Supports People Development

It has always been JCGC Ltd's aim to develop our in-house structure as well as providing new employment opportunities. Our Team is essential in our joint success.

Throughout the continuous growth of JCGC Ltd, our two Admin Assistants Cliodhna & Eva Chambers have independently designed our web-page and maintained social media avenues.

Whilst handling our marketing and advertising collectively, Cliodhna and Eva have learned important skills in market research, decision making and problem solving respectively within our industry.

With Cliodhna’s love for creativity, she has continuously kept the aesthetic of our web-page up to standard, also designing our JCGC trust logo. Cliodhna is consistent in creating new ideas on ways we can improve our web-page which is helping it grow as well as our business.

Eva’s interest in marketing has helped her develop a greater knowledge in this industry whilst creating new pages for our web-page too, writing social media posts and using spreadsheets to control data – a process which is fundamental but effective. In addition to working on her decision-making skills, Eva has gained good all-round business experience which will help her as she moves into further education for business.

JCGC Ltd proudly promote People Development! Helping Cliodhna and Eva by way of encouragement and positive yet constructive feedback has been welcomed by both Team Members. Thank you both for your important input.

Let us know your feedback on our website and social media approach; we'd love to hear from you.

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Follow the link for advice on mental health and well-being. #speakyourmind


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