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JCGC Ltd (K-9) Managing Director Bailey Chambers' Mission Statement is: "Wag tail lots; give lots of love and cuddles; protect our assets by giving little woofs now and then for the greater good of our team, ensuring our K-9 colleagues safety at all times yet driving them forward in productivity for our clients. Woof! Woof! ".

Bailey Chambers is a Good Boy.

Here we have a key K-9 ground-worker Nancy McDonald, sporting the JCGC Ltd bespoke PPE. Equal opportunities here at our company, we seen the potential in Nancy and had no doubt in her skills & commitment on the ground; these had to be utilised to help us dig deep.

Nancy's keys skills are:- Woofing very loud, "digging [very] deep for trust"

Nancy McDonald is a good girl.

One of our veteran K-9 employees, a dedicated young chap is Ghillie Kilpatrick, a K-9 Machine Operator who will likely chase the machine before he operates it. Nevertheless, this lad shows and proves his full commitment very seriously to the company. He is a key member of the K-9 team without doubt in operating our owned plant; always going above and beyond the call of duty.

Ghillie Kilpatrick is a good boy.

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